Tinder Is Not Fed Facial or Image Acknowledgment – SH Analysis Quick

Tinder Is Not Fed Facial or Image Acknowledgment – SH Analysis Quick

Will Tinder use skin acknowledgment, or greater simply, graphics popularity?

Tinder consumers, often after striving (and crashing) to readjust their accounts, finding a persisting diminished fits and thinking Tinder should tracking these people and adhering all of them with his or her old rating, or shadowban.

No, Tinder utilizes neither face treatment acknowledgment, nor impression acknowledgment to recognize customers’ personal information and connect those to the company’s earlier profiles.

This is a suggestion that’s been circulating on the internet long, and it is taken as reality by many, contains on SwipeHelper’s personal subreddit. I’ve long arranged the fact Tinder seriously is not starting something remotely as innovative to find consumers, but whereas this used to be a knowledgeable suppose, I’ve nowadays managed to prove it in an experiment:

Try things out: “Does Tinder Incorporate Skin or Graphics Acceptance?”

Setup / Method

Compliment of lucky instances, I got access to three totally new mobile phones and contact numbers that I was able to used to make Tinder profiles, hence getting rid of that pesky anxiety which aspect was to blame for a botched reset.

I often tried clean online games profile, that were each created with a new email address contact info and telephone number, or a unique fake label.

I used anonymous yahoo play business to finest in the account to get premiums subscriptions, in the event that online shows bank card resources.

Each mobile was used on a better IP address.

I didn’t link Instagram, facebook or myspace, or Spotify.

Hence, one commonality these Tinder users might have could be the details I incorporate during the signup and account development phases.

Visualize planning

Every latest Tinder accounts, i’d use very same pics after getting these people throughout the implementing procedure:

  1. Make a copy regarding the graphics with EXIF reports removed, making use of secrecy bill during the property alternatives throughout the house windows context selection. Find out here how otherwise to remove EXIF information (and the goals).
  2. Rename the version a little by removing or updating one letter.
  3. Exposed the picture in MS painting, put in a single black colored pixel in a random location, and cut.

Therefore, Tinder couldn’t recognize the photographs by his or her data title or connected information, but sophisticated graphics identification, not to mention face respect should definitely work in the event the hearsay have any quality.

Reports 1-2: Same day readjust

For all the first test, I removed our newest, 1 month previous Tinder accounts (using only one pics I most certainly will make use of for most assessments) over at my individual cellphone.

Upcoming, with no grace duration, we produced another Tinder profile using one associated with the brand new devices utilizing the overhead defined method, utilizing the same pictures since the previous membership.


40 loves on the beginning, next

3-10 a day for the following 7 days. This really about par towards study course to me, there is surely a noob boost.

We replicated this experience a week later (removing this brand-new levels, subsequently starting a new, unique account) and acquired much the same outcomes.

Examination 3: Concurrent equivalent Tinder users

Correctly examination, I did not eliminate the old membership before creating a replacement. I recreated exactly the same account, for example the brand, bio, and design used.


45 wants on the beginning, then

4-9 every day for the next 7 days. Par for the system.

20 days after, both of these account in order to be run and producing desires concurrently.


Tinder does not use innovative impression or facial acknowledgment to identify its customers, or if perhaps they generally do, they’re not just it properly.

They do use a type of looks popularity offered by Amazon.co.uk, and that is probably the primary reason for these rumors (apart from rejection). “AWS Rekognition” was a unique sorts of picture acceptance applications though, the intention of that is definitely in order to comprehend what exactly is taking place in files to categorize these people.

For the most part, they’ll use hash standards and metadata to spot design, that may quite easily be fooled by eliminating EXIF data and extremely somewhat enhancing the picture. Actually, OkCupid and that is purchased by fit, employs (or used to need) a much more innovative technique picture acceptance to protect yourself from fake pages or going back forbidden consumers. Remember that the linked post scales from 2017. We are going to best assume then, that the price of repeating this seriously is not beneficial into the executives at either Tinder or accommodate for grounds most of us dont need to cherish.


Any time performing account resets, go through the picture preparation path above as well as the other mentioned techniques in SwipeHelper’s Tinder page Reset manual. Many times EXIFPurge becoming a handy tool.

Similar to cooking, do not be expecting the advertized effect once deviating from your recipe.

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